The single most important factor that determines our health is the food we take. Its preparation does not begin in the kitchen but is prepared at the farm.

Ill effects of chemical farming

Due to socio-political reasons, the green revolution created many problems for our human and soil health. The farmers are forced to utilize Inorganic fertilizers, poisons and chemicals. This in turn affected our health by those inorganic residues chemicals and poison which are Present in the plant residues. This hazardous practice resulted in the cause of diseases like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure and also infertility.

Witnessing all these ill-effects of chemical farming the man from Maharashtra `Padmasree Subash Palekkar ’ evolved his own concept of `Subash Palekkar Natural Farming’(SPNF). In this farming practice, no chemicals or fertilizers are utilised. It is believed that our mother soil is the ocean of all nutrients which are needed by the plants for this trilliant and billon of micro organism playing the vital role to absorb the nutrients and giving them to the crops. So to induce and increase the microorganism in the soil. The Desi cow’s cow dung and urine combined with jaggery, pulse flour and a handful of good soil dissolved in the water. This is the most important solution called Jeevamritham for crop growth. This contains the required microorganisms for the crops and is also combined with the existing soil microorganism. These microbes absorb the soil nutrients and supplies to the plants. In this practice, the soil earth worm is also activated which ploughs the soil round the clock and makes the soil fertile.


The naturally grown crop and their yield products have a distinct taste and nutritive value. These SPNF products are 100% chemical and poison-free. So it may boost our health and will relieve all our ill-health problems because the right healthy food is the good medicine for humans. So if we have the practice of consuming naturally grown food definitely our health will improve. Then there is no need for going to clinics or taking treatments. Our children will have good health, and in turn, a good society will form.

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