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Wellness is a result of health and hygienic habits. B-COOK 360 is dedicated to bringing you 360 degree of health .

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Who we are?

Brite Indus Organic LLP’s B-COOK 360 is a food brand established in Kerala State that focuses on supplying a variety of naturally farmed vegetables and fruits. We are currently expanding our product line to include meat products like mutton and chicken, which will be available soon. Our featured meat products include frozen and raw selections that are sourced from the best sources in Kerala state to assure tenderness and flavour.

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Why eating natural food is Important?

Consuming primarily natural foods can be beneficial for both our body and the environment.

1. Contains more antioxidants

2. Contain natural pesticides only

3. Foods are minimally processed

4. Respects animal welfare standards

5. Contains more healthy fats

6. Better for the environment

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Our values

Taste is associated with the quality of raw materials and the shape of food. We ensure hygiene in all the stages of production and give proper cuts to bring an extra edge to foods. We strongly believe ensuring quality is the fundamental principle in the food industry; We uphold this in all our supply chains.

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Switching to an natural diet decreased levels of cancer-causing glyphosate – the main ingredient in a common pesticide – by 70% in participants’ bodies in only one week!
A study done by Friends of the Earth
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